The HomeSchool Test Track Team

We are a team of visionary leaders from across the nation. We are experts in education, dedicated to helping our children realize their full potential to become competitive on the global stage.


Our Assessments, designed by a highly specialized team of educators, coincide with Global Standards, raising the bar for academic achievement across the United States and the world. Currently, we offer grades 1st – 6th.

Assessment Results

We offer parents and educators powerful real-time statistical analysis of each core subject (Math, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts) including sub-categories within each subject, giving parents and educators the knowledge needed to structure personalized lesson planning.

Our Vision

To advocate and aid in raising educational standards within the United States to become competitive with global standards in education.

HomeSchool Test Track Gives Back

10% of all HomeSchool Test Track profits go to support education and healthcare for orphanages in third world countries.

How it works

See how Test Track can help you accomplish your education goals.

Why Test

Global education leaders agree assessment is imperative to a successful education program.