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A test tells you if the student needs corrective help. It is important to correct and remediate so that your student can meet goals through the school year.1
There is a diagnostic aspect to all formative assessment, and diagnostic information can inform both students’ studying and teachers’ teaching.2

Prepare for the Future

College Placement, Scholarships and Future Employment Opportunities

Approximately 78% of schools consider standardized test scores to be considerably important for college acceptance.3 The more prestigious the institution, the more emphasis is placed on individual test scores.

Research shows that students who achieve higher SAT scores receive larger monetary scholarships.

More than 80% of Fortune 500 companies use assessments for executive positions.4

Thousands of small to mid-sized organizations rely on Brainbench assessments to help them hire future employees.5

Overcome Test Anxiety

Familiarize Your Child With Testing Now To Help Them Overcome Test Anxiety

A significant majority, 61%, of high school students suffer from test anxiety and 26% are handicapped by test anxiety often or most of the time.6

Even a well-prepared student can feel pre-test anxiety. Encourage your child to relax and to view the test as a chance to show what they have learned. Reassure them that it’s natural to feel a little nervous and that the important thing is to try their best…If you want to change your child’s performance on standardized tests, don’t over-focus on short-term test prep, as it only builds pressure which is generally counter-productive. Remember, it takes months and years to build skills. The results are largely determined by the years of previous education. The best solution is to stay involved in your child’s education, and to keep in mind that standardized tests, while giving you insight, are not the final say on how much your child is learning or how well they will do in life or even in academics.7

“What gets measured, gets managed.”

– Author Unknown

“Measurements are not to provide numbers but insight.”

– Ingrid Bucher

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